Cash Flow Gap

The cash flow gap refers to the time interval between the date when a business pays cash out for the purchase of stocks or wages, and the date it receives cash from customers for the same purchase and services rendered.

Cash Flow forecast

Cash Flow forecast is the process of cash income & expense projection. A business must project cash income & expense for smooth business functioning and to be always ready with cash in hand for any unexpected hurdles.

Statement of Cash Flows

Cash flow statement represents a company’s cash handling capacity. This statement shows how a company manages its cash, where its generating revenues to fund operating expenses like salaries, rent expense, asset purchase expense etc.

Cash Flow importance for a business & how to do it effectively?

Lets’ define cash in a scientific way. If we take the company as a human body then cash is the blood. Then why blood, because it’s the most needed thing same as oxygen. A human can’t survive without blood and oxygen and a company can’t run without money, which is cash and human resource, which …