How to market your web design company’s business with any budget?

First, you should treat your web design and development company like any other startup. Focus on using similar strategies.

Content Marketing

This should be the cornerstone of your marketing strategies. Find out which niche quality content is not available. See what is lacking in the existing content and try to build upon it.

Word of Mouth

To get the initial traction, try featuring your work on platforms like Elance, Behance. This will get you some money upfront. After this try your best to deliver excellent service. Many web development agencies get most of their work through references

Great Designs

Between a great back-end developer or front-end designer, the latter is always the required bet. Great designs will work as a hook for your business.

Influencer Targeting

Make sure you get your work and content before Influencer. One viral content piece is better than 100 average ones.

Keep on iterating on these channels and start focusing on the ones that give you the best returns

  1. Set up a dream online portfolio
  2. Keep it versatile
  3. Work on the social media
  4. Use testimonials
  5. Use guest blogging to drive traffic
  6. Work pro bono
  7. Work on offline strategies
  8. Look for important associations
  9. Stay personal

    Find a unique approach to the market

    A lot of people getting into technical type businesses forget about the importance of marketing and selling. Web Design is so competitive now when I started my business believe it or not it was ‘unique’ to be building websites on CMS platforms like Joomla and WordPress. These days businesses can do that themselves!

    You could stand out based on who you are targeting, how you are approaching marketing, how you bundle your services, how much you charge and much more. Once you are offering something unique perhaps to a unique group of people you will naturally get more coverage, ideal customers will be easier and cheaper to find and bad customers easier to avoid.

    Learn how to sell

    This really should be number 1 but in fairness, until you have an idea of what you are offering it’s a bit hard to sell it. If I could pick just one skill to have it would be sales, it’s the most important skill in business without a doubt.
    Having said that there are a lot of ways to sell something. People buy things for a variety of different reasons and hard ‘face to face’ selling isn’t always the only way to sell something. It’s important to do what works for you.

    Recurring relationship with clients

    One of the things which are needed in a start-up is an ongoing relationship with clients after projects were complete. This includes:

    1. Making sure to host their sites where possible
    2. Sending them monthly reports to keep them engaged
    3. Having clients on a paid monthly support plan that gave them certain benefits over non-support clients
    4. Offering monthly SEO services
    5. Doing whatever you can to build recurring relationships with clients will make future sales quicker, easier and build up a lower risk profile (not relying so much on new projects).

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