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Why most small business owners are unprofitable?

1. They don’t know at which price point to sell.
2. They don’t know who to sell and why.
3. They don’t understand marketing is more strategy, positioning, messaging and customer segment than tools to reach more people.
4. Good books on Sells are lesser read. They read more books on marketing. 
5. Most are fearful when approaching to a client. They fear about if they’ll lose the sells, even before understanding whether they are his target or not. They don’t know how to say NO.
6. Basically most are not confident about their business.
7. They never really keep a track of their progress and goals.
8. They don’t give importance to the relationship between finance and their organisation.

So if any of the above defines you. You’re most likely doomed to fail.

If you are one of these then ping me with your email id to and in one line what your business does. SlickAccount is going to send you a list of tools, books, blog links that can make you better in all the above areas on the 1st birthday of SlickAccount on 19th July, 2014. Plus you will get a free subscription to Profitability University Newsletter starting from September.

5 years of projected cashflow, balance sheet and account statement in 3hours!

How cool it is to finish up the tidy bit projected accounting for 5 years in just 3 hours??? We made cahflow, balancesheet, P&L for next 5 years in just 3 hours yesterday. Although the actual process of planning took 2 days. But if I’ll say we just could enter nearly 6500 transactions for these 5 years with our lovely accounting software within this time you will be surprised.

Though you need to be little familiar with few accounting stuffs to do it this faster. The actual number of transaction for us would have been nearly 3.45crore (i.e. 34.5million). It was drastically programmed to few transactions per day.

But this is really amazing. We are really surprised of what we could be able to do. We never imagined we could prepare a this detailed projected account in this amount of time.

It again justifies our say: “You require only 5 minutes a day to do your accounting.”

And accounting & bookeeping firms can be benefited a lot as they could be able to serve nearly 700 clients per employee in any given year.

Let’s see how better we could be able to make it in months and years to come.